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A Different Approach to Therapy

waterfall picture, representing the calm atmosphere at Mind and Spirit Counseling CenterDo you suffer from anxiety, depression, fears, or just feeling stuck?

Are you overwhelmed from the demands of life?

Are you open to discover new possibilities in your life?

Instead of putting band aids on problems and treating only the symptoms, get to the root of the problem so you can:

  • Experience Freedom & Peace in your life
  • See new possibilities and act on them
  • Gain clarity from feeling the wisdom and power within yourself
  • Lead a fuller & richer life

Jill Mattesich-Udoutch helps you achieve results with a unique and creative customized plan that allows you to make fast, proactive changes in YOUR life. These fast changes are possible because Jill uses traditional and advanced healing modalities to help you get the results you are seeking.

A few thoughts from Jill:

It is my deepest desire to help people discover the wisdom, light and truth inside themselves. I am very empathetic and can relate to having felt deep pain. I have also felt the strength from owning my center or balance point in life; like a perfectly centered vessel on a potter's wheel.
My journey has revealed many truths along the way. My God-given spirit allows me to channel the Divine feminine, the energy of Divine Love and compassion.
        Those who seek, shall find;

                 Those who ask shall receive. . .

                          What is your desire or intention?

                 Come . . .
...find your balance point within. ...gain freedom from letting go of untruth.  ...allow stress, anxiousness, and fear to melt away.